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​​President: Cyndy Monier
(309) 364-3831
[email protected]

1st Vice President: Charlotte Cronin
(309) 253-4276
[email protected]

2nd Vice President: Vicki Ghidina
(309) 353-7015
(309) 267-1045 -C

Secretary: Martha Gamble
(309) 689-1951
(309) 678-6259-C
[email protected]

Treasurer: Gisela Schuman

(309) 245-4884
[email protected]


Community Liaison: Kim Caywood
(309) 966-3288

(530) 701-4940-C
[email protected]

Membership: Carol Luginbuhl

(309) 868-3441
[email protected]

Neighborhood Groups: Charlotte Cronin
(309) 253-4276
[email protected]

Newsletter Editor: Sue Barnabee

(309) 647-0111
(309) 229-7999-C [email protected]

Publicity: Karen Fyke

(309) 467-4525
[email protected]

Sew Special Coordinator: Vicki Ghidina
(309) 353-7015

Webmaster: Pat West

(309) 453-6682-C
[email protected]

Tables piled high with fabrics and sewing notions attract sewers like magnets attract steel. I have more fabric
and related supplies 

2019 CAB Meetings

Chapter Advisory Board (CAB) meetings are held at 1:00 pm at the Hardee's on North Knoxville in Peoria.  Members are welcome to attend.
than I could possibly use in several lifetimes. Yet, there is something about hunting for a bargain or finding a pattern or notion that is difficult if not impossible to resist.

Recently I had an opportunity to peruse items from a sewing estate. These are the items that spoke to me: a hem marker in a cool vintage box, bobbin lace bobbins, a rug braiding kit, awesome vintage patterns and a hairpin lace loom.

Now let me explain how these items are not only wonderful additions to my inventory, they are good for my brain as well. I’m talking Nobel Prize theory here.

Learning something new and practicing a new skill causes the myelin in the brain to become more dense, which in turn improves learning skills. I researched hairpin lace looms and have now learned a new skill that I can practice every day.

This interest led to broomstick lace which in turn gives me a reason to use an oversized knitting needle in my sewing room that was otherwise unused. Do you see the benefits?

Who can argue that this was a sound purchase.

Practicing a new skill also helps you learn things faster. New knowledge creates more neural pathways, allowing electrical impulses to travel faster. As I processed the
new information regarding rug braiding techniques, I could almost feel my brain becoming more a good way.

There is also the possibility that people who keep learning new skills may be less likely to develop dementia.

Learning bobbin lace skills looks to be a neural impulse creating activity for sure. I may never master lace making skills, but it is fun learning about such things and having fun is also beneficial to brain health.

Sewing and fiber arts provides all of us with
opportunities to learn and practice new skills every day. The creative process is fueled, new interests develop and
friendships are formed all while having fun.

Who knew sewing that core wardrobe was so healthful. I encourage all of you to take the sewing brain health challenge in 2019. Learn a new sewing or fiber art skill or two, and make time to practice, create and sew just for the health of it, every day.

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Standing rules determine how the chapter will operate.  They were created by the Chapter Advisory Board and can be revised by majority approval of the board.  Contact the chapter president to clarify rules or to submit suggestions for changes.  
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