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​​President: Cyndy Monier
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1st Vice President: Charlotte Cronin
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2nd Vice President: Vicki Ghidina
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Secretary: Martha Gamble
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Treasurer: Gisela Schuman

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Community Liaison: Kim Caywood
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Membership: Carol Luginbuhl

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Neighborhood Groups: Charlotte Cronin
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Newsletter Editor: Sue Barnabee

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Publicity: Karen Fyke

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Sew Special Coordinator: Vicki Ghidina
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Webmaster: Pat West

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Pattern for Growth is our theme for 2018. The CAB has guided our chapter to evaluate, organize, plan and update.  Now it is time to grow our membership via sewing excitement, learning, challenges and fun.  Whether you are a seasoned member, a new member or a prospective member....Pattern for Growth is for you!
Cyndy's Blog
Individuals who sew tend to be resourceful and very creative, yet many of us lament the fact that fabric stores are scarce. I admit that at times I am one of the lamenters.

Of course online shopping offers limitless inventories of fabric and sewing notions, but there is something about actually seeing and touching fabric, and even notions, that online shopping doesn’t satisfy.

So what are we to do when fabric stores are scarce?
Well, this is where creativity and becoming a shopping hack come into play. First, make sure to check out the local quilt shops, even if you are looking for fabric to sew a garment.

Sometimes one can find wool by the yard, light
weight cottons suitable for shirts and tops, and rayon batiks that can be ordered.

Next time you enter a store that carries clothing,
don’t sail past the discount racks without taking a close look. This can be a great place to find fabric, buttons, belts and other goodies that can be “hacked” into another life. Make a point to search out larger sizes as that equals more yardage, so to speak.

The men’s department can also be a treasure trove of usable fabric. Men’s t-shirts and sweaters offer fabric that can easily be refashioned into a great top. Bargain priced active or knit sports wear can be cut up and used for ribbing and
binding on a stretch project. Neckties offer a beautiful source of bias fabric perfect for covering piping.

Head over to the home wares section and search out fleece blankets, shower curtains and lace or sheer window treatments. One fabulous find in my shopping adventures yielded several yards of beautiful lace from clearance priced window valances.

Beach towels are another great fabric source for
projects such as swim cover ups and shower wraps. Vinyl shower liners can be used to line makeup cases and travel sets. Maybe use to make see through organizer pockets for totes
and bags.

Any store with kitchen items is fair game for sewing hacks. Placemats can become handbags, and tablecloths can be suitable for jackets, cover ups, skirts and tops.

Remember, sewers are creative!

Then there are hardware stores that have aisles of various sized chains, hooks and fasteners for all kinds of sewing projects. Canvas tarps, tyvek and fiberglass window screening are all just waiting for your creative touches.

Outdoor and sports stores have webbing and cords in lots of bright colors. Think frog and fancy knot closures and tote bag handles. Venture into the fly fishing department and discover colorful feathers and spools of decorative thread, aka
fishing line I suppose.

And need I mention second hand and resale shops? If all else fails, call a couple of sewing friends and see if you can shop their fabric stash! My point is to use the resourcefulness that we all seem to have, set out on an adventure and shophack-sew your way to creating something fantastic this summer.



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