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​​President: Cyndy Monier
(309) 364-3831
[email protected]

1st Vice President: Charlotte Cronin
(309) 253-4276
[email protected]

2nd Vice President: Vicki Ghidina
(309) 353-7015
(309) 267-1045 -C

Secretary: Martha Gamble
(309) 689-1951
(309) 678-6259-C
[email protected]

Treasurer: Gisela Schuman

(309) 245-4884
[email protected]


Community Liaison: Kim Caywood
(309) 966-3288

(530) 701-4940-C
[email protected]

Membership: Carol Luginbuhl

(309) 868-3441
[email protected]

Neighborhood Groups: Charlotte Cronin
(309) 253-4276
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Newsletter Editor: Sue Barnabee

(309) 647-0111
(309) 229-7999-C [email protected]

Publicity: Karen Fyke

(309) 467-4525
[email protected]

Sew Special Coordinator: Vicki Ghidina
(309) 353-7015

Webmaster: Pat West

(309) 453-6682-C
[email protected]

Pattern for Growth is our theme for 2018. The CAB has guided our chapter to evaluate, organize, plan and update.  Now it is time to grow our membership via sewing excitement, learning, challenges and fun.  Whether you are a seasoned member, a new member or a prospective member....Pattern for Growth is for you!
Cyndy's Blog
Some of us who sew never have anything much to wear, at least not self-made clothing.  I am among the afore mentioned some.  My fabric collection is more than adequate, a wardrobe plan is pinned to my idea board, notions are ready and even several fitted muslins are finished.  Recently, I even spent a wonderful day learning computer skills to further hone my design skills.  What gives?  I should have a closet full of beautiful clothes.

Making time to sew is not the issue.  This summer may top my personal best for hours logged at the sewing machine.  I spent days that turned into weeks paper piecing a purple elephant quilt for my niece.  The hours spent sewing on this project would have translated into an entire wardrobe collection.  Be he (not sure why I refer to the elephant as he) is magnificent.  The project was way out of my piecing comfort zone, so I definitely expanded my sewing skills.  Besides, I am sure to rocket into best aunt in the universe status.

How could I not assist my granddaughter with her doll quilt?  She is new to sewing with her own sewing machine and a doll in need of a quilt.  So, we worked together to finish a doll quilt that she loves.  The time spent would have yielded me that moto jacket that I have planned.  But what a joy it was to sew with her and to have my daughter-in-law sew on a project as well.  Three generations happily sewing away at the same time in the same place.  Utopia for me.

Then the number three mini quilt had to be finished in time for a grandson’s third birthday.  There goes the time for that new tote bag.  However, one is only three once. And, just when I was about to begin working on my dress for an upcoming wedding, my husband announced that he needed a new phone holder for his belt. Because the one I made several years ago was worn out.

Actually, nothing makes me happier than to sew for my family.  The projects I make for them always fit and/or turn out just right.  I can’t always say that for the projects I attempt to sew for myself. 

Have you ever attended a sewing retreat?  I have and I’m really looking forward to attending the retreat sponsored by our chapter.  Actually, I have my projects already packed and they are mine….all mine!!



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