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Meet Kim Caywood, 
Community Liaison 

My sewing story begins with my maternal grandmother. She lived with my family from the day my parents got married. She had her own room with a sewing machine and other daily essentials. I remember her making crazy quilts using squares of newspapers as her base...her version of paper piecing! I still have one of her quilts and a pillow she made with a crazy quilt cat on it. She did some fabulous hand embroidery and was a great teacher showing me how to do all the intricate stitches. She also was a knitter and would knit all her grandchildren mittens every Christmas. She used me as her "hand model". She also darned socks and I keep her sock darner on a shelf in my sewing room.

My next adventure in sewing was with my mother. She was a beautiful seamstress and a perfectionist. On days that I had orthodontist appointments we would spend the day "in the city". Going to the city was a big deal as it was an hour's drive and "the city" had way more to offer than the country town I grew up in! We would go to lunch at our favorite restaurant (another big deal) and go a fabric store called Alfred's. I remember the gentleman that owned the store was a rotund, cigar smoking man.

My mom also took Stretch and Sew classes and she made me the most comfortable pair of underwear I ever owned! I still
have her patterns and books plus the fabric she never used from Stretch and Sew. I also have a coat and cape she made for me when I was 5 years old. They have been passed around to countless little girls and always found their way back to her. They have stood the test of time and are in great shape today. I plan on passing them to my Great Niece when she is big enough to wear them. My mom tried to teach me sewing but I soon lost interest as her perfectionism kept me ripping more than sewing!

I bought my first sewing machine when I was pregnant with my daughter in 1985. I did small projects and don't really
remember anything I made at that stage. I did quite a bit of sewing for other people when we lived in Japan in the early 90's. Now I wish I was more into sewing when we lived there because I probably could've found some awesome fabrics. My biggest project was a couple of floppy eared bunnies with outfits for all the holidays.

When we came back to the states, my sewing was on and off for a few years until I started working at JoAnn's. My "stash"
GREW and GREW thanks to that employee discount. But, working full time took time away from being creative!!!!! During that time I made Halloween costumes for my daughter and myself and I taught a Christmas Tree Skirt class which was very popular. I entered my original tree skirt in the local fair and won Best of Show! Unfortunately, my sewing suffered for the next 20 years or so due to working full time.

That brings us to the present day! JoAnn's is in the past and I only go there to shop now. A couple of years ago I upgraded my
embroidery machine and I love using it to create free standing lace and in-the-hoop decor items.

Since joining the Sewing Guild I have ventured into more challenging projects like working with knits and have made some
really cute outfits for my great niece. I really enjoy participating in the Neighborhood Group meetings and other activities the Guild presents. Being a Guild member has sparked my creativity and given me new friends and wealth of sewing knowledge. I am currently Community Liaison on the CAB.