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Berniece McGlasson

I asked my mom how to make those stitches with needle and thread when I was 5.  When I was 7 my cousin made me some doll clothes which inspired me to make doll clothes.  I started making doll clothes with hand stitches when I was about 8.

In 7th grade, I took a sewing class.  I made a striped dress that I wore all the time.  It had a square neck with a facing, puffed sleeves.  In school, I sewed on an electric sewing machine. At home, I sewed on a treadle machine. Then I started to sew any time I had the opportunity.

My mom was a good seamstress who sewed because she needed to sew for her family.  My aunts, grandmothers and others I knew also sewed a lot.  I watched them when I went to visit them.

I didn’t take any more sewing classes in high school.  I made a number of skirts which I wore to school.

When I started to work, I bought a new Necchi with a zig zag stitch. I made coats and a cape, tops, shorts, costumes for the plays in high school and dresses for my children. 

In the early nineties, I joined ASG.  I served on the board as vice president for 3 years. I attended national sewing seminars and took a number of sewing classes. I attended my first ASG convention in Nashville. I also attended ASG conventions in Chicago, Indianapolis and St Louis. I also took a Stretch & Sew class.

I taught my daughters to sew. I gave my daughter Vicki a machine for 8th grade graduation.

I enjoy sewing and I am always working on a sewing project.